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Community Officially Closing

Hey everyone, this is __starkissed with a new journal. I feel bad about my last post and the fact that I said that the community wasn't closing, because I'm going to have to close it. I just don't have time anymore, and there really is a small amount of entries every week, so really there just isn't a point anymore. The community is slowly dying and and I just can't keep it up so that only a few people can enter. Plus, even if there was more activity I still can't do it. I apologize.

I'm not handing the community over to anyone because this has been solely my community and I want to keep it that way. I suppose I'm selfish, but I've seen how other communities wind up when given to someone else. Sometimes it's alright, but for the most part, the community still dies. So this is it guys. The official end of theoc_icontest. Bye everyone, and thank you for a great year and a half.
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