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Winners // Challenge Forty Four

So sorry these results are late guys. Life is hectic as hell and getting more and more insane every day.

After this the community is going to take a Hiatus until September 1st. It's just easier that way. Hopefully we can get some new people by then and hopefully more participation and hopefully my life will have calmed down a little bit. I'm not going to enlist any co-mod help because really all I need is a banner maker, and we have that and she's wonderful. Another thanks goes out to fading_princess for helping me out. But I do like to run this community by myself. It's just easier.

So, recap:

Community is still alive
Only on Hiatus until Sept. 1st

Results! :D

First Place:

by funkyfresh23

Second Place:

by darkangel2019

Third Place:

by lil_miss_coolio

Mod's Choice:

I just love the simplicity of it. It's great. :D
by deadexit
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